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Blood Soaked - Prepare to Die and Like it!

Blood Soaked are a death metal band from Kildare (Naas/Caragh area) who originally put down their riffs in the early 90's but luckily for us, they decided to reform in 2021 so they could carve your chest open and stuff it full of aggressive bloody riffs. Their gap years may have deprived us of many stomping riffs but their 90's metal influences are alive and fresh, so I feel their creativity will flow where it was always destined to flow.

They are heavy, raw, aggressive yet very melodic and easy to listen to. I love a bit of death metal but typically the modern bands are over the top trying to be demonic whilst failing miserably. Blood Soaked are the perfect metal band in my opinion and I find them easy to listen to. Firstly, the music is full of cool riffs that you can stomp around swinging whatever parts of your body that will move. They're a party band and older metal fans (like eh..well me!) will love them. They just straight up rock from start to finish. The vocals in particular are as smooth as you'll get from a death metal singer and I'm really reminded of Max from Sepultura. When I say smooth, don't be fooled. They'll cut through you like a chainsaw.

My favourite track by Blood Soaked is the absolute stomper called Deliver the Blood. It's a room thrashing death metal song with a fist pumping, crowd moshing massacre of a chorus. This is a song that would and should have the metal festivals at it's mercy.

Blood Soaked have just released a new single called Deranged. It starts off with a slow sludgy riff before kick starting into a destructive rhythm. I really like the guitar solo in this song which has a great tone and chaotic yet controlled and well constructed madness to it!

If you like your music heavy as hell and violent, go and listen to Blood Soaked.

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