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Wise Up | Lucy is in Town

Wise Up are an alternative rock band based in Dublin, featuring members from Ireland, Canada, Venezuela and Spain. They have just released their debut EP called, Soothe The Soul, which features some really cool tracks. My favourite of these being the single they released in March 2023 called, Nostalgia. This song has a really cool vibe from the get go with a somewhat trippy guitar riff that sets the scene for some groovy vocals to follow. The pre chorus teases us with some nice sludgy distorted guitar which then blends really well with the vocal harmonies to create a unique sound. The latest single from the EP is called House Cat, a track with a video featuring the stunning Lucy. I'm a sucker for songs about cats but this song stands on its own four feet. I really love how the opening bass line conjures images of a cat slinking along under the shadows, with purpose, on a mission that only feline minds could understand. This song also has hippy trippy vibes and you'll probably want to lie down and lick your paws in the most relaxing manner.

My favourite Wise Up song is one they released in 2022. It's called, Conjure the Feeling. It's more of an upbeat alternative rocker with a great rhythm. It would be cool in any party playlist. I would strongly recommend that you check this out also.

Wise Up are currently out and about gigging to support the launch of their EP, so check their social links below and please support them when you can.

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