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Lithium Lounge - Raw, Emotive and Alive!

Lithium Lounge are a pop punk trio from Waterford and I'm really enjoying their self titled debut EP. It really takes me back to the 90's when I went through my punk era. What really stood out to me instantly is that Lithium Lounge have a very American sound and they seem to find a really cool melody in every song. I think they definitely have an international sound and one that would really appeal to teenagers and college students in particular... as well as old bastards like me.

Lithium Lounge themselves claim that this EP was recorded with the intention of capturing the sound of the iconic Dookie album. I think it actually sounds more like 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, which is a compliment. Lithium Lounge have successfully captured a raw live sound and the intro to the opening song, Next of Kin, really brings out this raw energy with an infectious rhythm led by some great drumming. It's a stomper of a song and one that should have floor boards shaking all over the world. This really is a song that you could go wild to and is my favourite track by Lithium Lounge. Tyrants of Apathy is a song that really grew on me and is possibly my second favourite track on the EP, while Cross is probably the stand out potential hit that could easily make any modern punk international playlist. It's easily as good as anything America has produced in a pop punk song and should be recognised by their home nation. Come on, get those Lithium Lounge posters up!

Lithium Lounge will remain on my rotation and I look forward to seeing what their future releases sound like. I hope they get the attention they deserve as they've got the potential to make it big if they can keep writing more kick ass melodies, work hard and of course, get that lucky break.

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