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Vendetta Love | The Most Dangerous Band in Ireland

Vendetta Love are the most exciting and dangerous band in Ireland, right now. The band consists of four rockers from county Laois, who are heavily influenced by Seattle grunge and 90's alt rock in their song writing, combined with all the licks, chops and swagger left over from the 80's hard rock scene. Their lead guitarist, Chris Craig, caught my attention with his ferociously melodic solos that have such a beautiful tone. His timing and mastery of bending and holding notes, speaks volumes of his taste in guitar heroes, and he displays a very mature style, laying a solid foundation for this fledgling band. It can only mean the future is bright.

In 2021, Vendetta Love released a really exciting E.P called Speak Now, featuring five stomping introductions and created the blueprint and formula for their 2022 follow up E.P, titled, I Am, which took their song writing up another level to make them a band that needs to be taken seriously. Very fuckin' seriously. It feels like the band have come of age and added their own personality and twist on a now classic sound. I Am, really is a fantastic collection of hard rock songs and I recommend everyone checks this out. It's honestly as good as anything you'd hear coming from America or the U.K and it's about time we start recognising and appreciating our own bands. Starting with the epic, Hush Hush, the I Am, E.P will be on regular rotation for me.

Vendetta Love play support to Airbourne in Belfast/Dublin, later this year. Definitely one to check out. Airbourne are going to be under pressure following Vendetta Love on stage. Sweat will be flying off them.

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