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The Nilz

"Not the 99% or the 1%, we're the fucking Nilz"

The Nilz are a 4 piece punk band from Dublin. They won't be for everyone but they don't want to be. They consist of Chris Nil on Bass, Rubber Alan on Guitar, Backdoor Gary on Drums & Eddie Nil on vocals. Just your usual boy next door types, except maybe these ones want to smash in your ear drums. And that's just a starting point! The Nilz were formed in 2015, consisting of members of infamous punk bands called Mongohorn and Septic Pussy. Their live shows are not for those easily offended or for those beyond being offended. They're not for the majority or the minority. They are for the Nilzority. (yeah... I made up a word.)

The Nilz have just released their first full length album, Unicorn Hardsports and it's a banger, so go check it out. It's available on their Bandcamp page (link below) for digital download & on Vinyl/CD. My personal favourites are Food for THOT, Spank, So! (featuring Aoife Destruction) and Crownheads of Bohemia. They also have some really good EP's available to stream, so look them up on your favourite streaming platform or go visit Bandcamp.

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