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The Love Buzz

As soon as live music returns, I have no doubt that, The Love Buzz from Cork are going to be a band that will tick a lot of boxes. They don't seem to follow any rules and I expect they will go on a musical journey over the coming years. There is a sense of freedom in their music that will go down really well at any time, especially in a world where people want to break free and rediscover what life is meant to be about. They are the sound of summer, the party soundtrack, the beer bong melody, the band you put on before you head out... I could go on. Basically, this band makes me happy, puts me in a good mood and makes me love music and feel good about life. What more can I say? The Love Buzz are a trio of punk pop rockers with a trippy twist, who will appeal to a wide audience. They are very radio friendly but also very credible artists. Yes, such a thing can coexist and when it does, well... just get ready to have fun. I can easily imagine people dancing to this band at a festival, with pints in plastic glasses held in the air, hips swaying and everyone eventually starting to dance like nobody is watching. That's the sort of effect they can have.

The Love Buzz have recently released a 2021 EP called, Here Comes the Scum. Go listen and enjoy. I have the vinyl ordered and I'm very much looking forward to blasting it out!

Someone on YouTube even commented that they lost their virginity to the song, The Picky Eater. The Love Buzz is real.

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