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The Donnys | Get on the Groovy Train

The Donnys are a 5 piece rock band from Kilkenny, made up of Adam, Ethan, Niall, Eoghan and Johnny California. They might be a teenage band but they are dripping with maturity in their song composition and classic rock style. It feels like a coming together of reincarnated hippie rock gods and they are without doubt, the grooviest young band in the country, at this moment.

What really impresses me about The Donnys, is their old school bluesy edge and a sort of free spirited energy. It feels like the songs came to life naturally and organically, like they just let the music flow and allowed the songs to be what they are meant to be, as opposed to forcing them. They integrate the keys as well as any classic rock band ever did and their musicianship is second to none where every member compliments the sound in their own way. They're not just following each other the whole time like most modern bands do.

The Donnys have two singles available to stream at time of writing. Their newest single, Back and Forth, is a groovy stomper that will suck you in with its infectious energy. The song is structured magnificently and breaks it down in all the right places. It's a perfect party song. Shoulders will bop, knees will rock, cans will snap and a funny smokey aroma will fill the air. Their first single Cruising the Cut is a musical masterpiece and is more Deep Purple than Deep Purple ever managed. I can't wait to hear what this band produce next and will try to catch them live as soon as I can.

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