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Shadows Calling | They'll Crunch Your Bones!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Shadows Calling are a brand new alternative rock band from Cork, who have just released their debut single, Eraser. It's an absolute stomper and is the opening track on their EP, Spirit Shifter. Fronted by the amazing Jen Vaughen, the band is made up of Darren O'Keefe (Jen's brother) on rhythm guitar, Scott McGowan on lead guitar, Mike Jordan on bass and Barry English on drums. They describe their music as, "a flavour of grunge, metal and hard rock, all ready to collide." Formed during the covid years, they sound like seasoned musicians who have really blended well together. The EP is produced to perfection and all the songs are well constructed.

Jen Vaughen has an incredible rock voice which at times reminded me of a cross between Imelda May and Skin (from Skunk Anansie) but undoubtedly, with her own recognisable tone throughout. Jen commands your ears with her powerful sexy tone, while the rest of the band crunch your bones. The driving rhythm of the new single, Eraser, makes it an instant party classic in any rockers home. I love the chord change into the middle 8 and would love to stomp around to it. In fact, I might do later once I've had a few (more). It sounds like such a fun song to play and you can tell the band are really into it. You can feel the energy. I'm sure any young band would love to learn this one in their garage.

The EP consists of four great tracks, Eraser, Spirit Shifter, Midnight's Eye and Our Own Escape. The intro notes and vocal melody to the closing track are haunting and a fitting conclusion to this great collection of tunes from Shadows Calling.

Please check it out! It's a really great introduction from this band and I cannot wait to see what journey they go on.

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