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"We're Here to Drink Blood" is all you need to know about Lugösi. That's pretty much what they do once they get inside your ears. You'll almost head bang the blood out for them so they can lap it up. The Dublin hardcore rockers have just released their second album, Video Nasty, and I recommend you cancel your plans to bake muffins this weekend. Instead, listen to the fast paced, hard sound of this neck breaking Irish band. They combine a heavy punk/metal/trash style with horror themed tracks that may inspire your demons to take over. Let's just say, the real you may explode outwards and there's no going back, so be prepared for a life on the run.

Video Nasty, is a really solid album and the pace is set to slaughter mode from the first track, Late Night Slasher Movie. The band clearly have a great sense of humour and combine this well into their song writing. This is the album I will be listening to all weekend and there's no knowing what I'll get up to after it. I may need someone to bust me out of jail.

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