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Eros Blindfold | Music and Art Collide

Eros Blindfold are an industrial/neofolk act from Limerick, who have just released their debut EP called, MUTT. The band are led by artist Spencer Cain and features guitar by Will Golemon (of Walk the West and The Cactus Brothers). In the band's own words, "The EP adopts a grimy, comical parody of American-style machismo, while balancing it out with cold and mellow expressions of existential dread." It's the most musically interesting collection of songs that I've heard in a long while. I've only just started to listen to this and I'm really excited by it. It's artistic and haunting. It's original. It's art. It's one of those albums you can listen to over and over and start noticing something new each time. There are so many cool effects and varied sounds in the songs that it'll definitely keep you coming back for more. It's something that would definitely make a really cool opera.

Listen to Big Man and you'll know what I mean about variety of sounds. It's one that I think would appeal to the widest audience. It's slightly more up tempo than the rest but is really cool and experimental too. The samples and horn sections on this are amazing.

On Earth has such a cool vibe and flow about it. It's weird. It's wonderful. It's relaxing and disturbing at the same time. You could imagine this song playing whilst having a lovely dinner with a glass of wine and good company, as you chat and feel all wholesome about your pleasant evening. could also imagine yourself burying a body with this playing as you feel nothing at all. That's art, I think? While on the topic of On Earth, I have to mention the awesome lead guitar throughout the track. It rocks.

Terrifying and thrilling in equal measure, Good Behavior is the stand out track on the EP. It has a slow eerie pace and it makes me feel like I am lying in the back of a horse drawn coach, weakened with fever, while being told a story. I don't know where I'm going but I don't want the story to end, as I fear I'll die when it does. The Aul Nuclear Device is raw, hypnotic folk song, that sounds like something Manson would have performed to brainwash his followers. Prepare to follow this band.

The closing track called Song for Subjugants, is another eerie track that features some haunting piano playing. If I ever make a horror film, I'll have this band on the soundtrack.

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Jul 11, 2023


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