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Digdeep | Kibble Chow Kung Pao

Digdeep are a Dublin band, who are as multi coloured as the calico cat that features in the promo for their new single, Kibble Wizzard, which is the grooviest track you're likely to have heard for some time. It's a song about a magic cat (had me there to be honest) and features a really well executed blend of musical styles including a funky bass line and a stomping drum beat. The lyrics are cat themed and excellent, and the message is clear. This cat is cooler than any of us.

The song is fun and uplifting and it's definitely one that will have you out of your seat dancing and sweating, and not really worrying about what you're doing tomorrow, or what other shit you're dealing with. I think this song snaps you into the moment. It awakens your animal spirit. You might even start licking yourself and your friends, or karate chopping those who dare enter your domain. Kibble Wizzard is a track with a unique sound that's mad as hell. It's something everyone needs to check out.

Digdeep also released another single earlier this year, which I really like too. It's called Frog Rock and it has a more industrial, groove metal style. The chorus is heavy as fuck and is a proper stomper. This one will go down really well with metal fans. I particularly like the guitar part just before the first chorus. It really sets the scene for the absolute madness that follows.

I couldn't really find out too much about this band. I guess they're a bunch of strays who do as they please and will show you love when they're in the mood. Honestly, I don't know how well they're doing, or what plans they have for the summer but if I was promoting a music festival in Ireland this summer, I'd be calling Digdeep. They've already released two songs which are better than what most of the headline acts will be playing.

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