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Dead Label

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Let's get straight to the point. Dead Label could potentially be one of the best metal bands ever to come out of Ireland. If you lean towards the heavier end of the spectrum and bands like Machine Head or Fear Factory, then there's no debate about it. Dead Label are better than those already and have two albums released so far with a third on the way. They have toured all over Europe, North America and Japan and I can't see any reason why they won't dominate the metal scene for years to come. Pretty cool for an Irish band but why not? WHY NOT!

The Kildare four piece have it all really. Killer riffs, thunderous power, melodies, tempo, rage and... the songs. They have the songs. Lots of bands have a great sound or a great look but they just don't have the song writing to go with it. Without the songs you have nothing. Dead Label have it all and they're not afraid of it. They also have a great image and as you'll see from the video for the kick ass song, Triggered, they are as metal as it gets. This is definitely one of the best Irish rock videos ever and one of the best metal videos released in years. What a great old school buzz! Hell yeah!

Check out their album Throne of Bones plus more, from your usual streaming service provider and where you can, support this great Irish band.

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