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The Voodoo Kitchen | Soaked Overnight in Blues

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The Voodoo Kitchen are a Dublin based rock band, who were originally formed by bassist, singer and songwriter, Rod Rosica, and now joined by Igor Tavares on guitar and Johnny Krasuski on drums. They have just released a new EP called, Pleasure and Sin, which is well worth a listen. The new single, Burden of Guilt is an excellent rock song with a catchy chorus hook that would certainly have hands tapping on steering wheels, shoulders bopping from side to side at the bar, knees knocking in sexy rhythm in the office... and we haven't even got to the blistering solo yet. The best part of the song is the bluesy solo that hits all the right notes, holds them at the right moments and shreds them when it's time. I just wish it was longer but hey, I'm a sucker for a sexy bluesy sounding rock solo. The closing track on the EP, Travelin' Man, is more of a return to their blues background and possibly the strongest track on the EP. I love the tempo change before the solo. I believe this will be their next single, so check it out!

The Voodoo Kitchen have a short back catalogue also, which I would highly recommend listening to if you're fond of the blues. In particular, the 2019 release called, Bluesy Soulful Experience, which features some really cool blues rock tracks, including the excellent, Head Over Heels, Wicked Love Blues and Trapped.

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