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The Cassini Projekt

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

When I decided to start this blog, my intention was to discover some Irish music that made me take notice. I was looking for something different from the safe, boring, and let's face it, crap Irish music that seems to get forced upon us by radio as the next big thing.

Well, once I stumbled upon The Cassini Projekt, I certainly took notice of the Dublin based band. Maybe not quite the finished article (just yet), all will be forgiven when you realise that it's a one man band and the kick ass creation of Alex McDonnell, who in his own words, set up the band, "to create rock music without boundaries, namely experimenting with a wide variety of genres but filtered through a particular style enamoured with the grandiose, irrational and esoteric."

Alex is certainly super talented and is absolutely brilliant at composing and arranging songs. I love the prog rock style and the notes he picks for solos, and the well timed tempo changes are just really, really awesome! The issue some may have is that, you don't know what you're going to get next. But, that's exactly what I loved and why I kept listening! It's great! Ok, there are some questionable vocals at times and awesome vocals at other times but the songs are so amazing, I don't care. I want more! It's great to hear an Irish artist blending so many styles and doing it so well. There's a lot to love about this band and I think I love it all.

I actually found it difficult to pick a song to share as they're all so different (when you think about it) so went for Exile, but I'd recommend you check out more and if you find one you don't like, please try the next one! I recommend, Hell's a Place in Mexico, Take It All or the instrumental prog rock masterpiece, Lightning Tesla. Ok, so I added those too. Enjoy!

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