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The Amniotics | The Amniotic Fluid Serves to Protect the Foetus

The Amniotics are a band I just stumbled upon, this weekend. They are a four piece alternative band from Dublin, who appear to have met their musical soulmates, and jam really well together. Rebecca, Cat, Loeka and Katie, are "known for their advocacy for women and non-binary folks in the industry, and their raucous unpredictable live performances."

Boomerang, their debut single, has recently been released and it's dripping with raw, unapologetic attitude. The first line of the song, "The amniotic fluid serves to protect the foetus," gets your attention and is delivered with a natural punk swagger that many bands have attempted but failed. The song has a really catchy riff and there is a nice sharing of space between the two guitars and bass, whilst complimenting each other all the way through. It's a well written song and I'm sure it will kick down doors and get this band the attention they deserve. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for their next release.

So... anyone for a rollie? Just kidding! I quit years ago.

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