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SixTooLate | Rock n' Roll for the Soul

SixTooLate are a Dublin based alternative rock five piece with huge Seattle influences. They have recently released a stomping EP called, Black Mouth EP. The EP features three great tracks, Black Mouth, Grip and Horizon. The title track, Black Mouth is a song that I absolutely love. It starts off with a slow paced atmospheric build up before ripping into a raw, angry, aggressive chorus that will probably convince the quietest of souls to turn their table upside down and start using themselves as a human battering ram. It rocks you to your core. The song returns to a calm percussive beat as if resting overnight, as the lyrics proclaim, "Darkness once again" accompanied by a really nice guitar lick. You're ready for chorus two and it doesn't disappoint and arrives with foot stomping devastation. The excellent drummer turns up the pace to lead us into a mosh worthy of any sore neck or bruised body. At this stage, I can't believe the song is only getting going as we are treated to a cool solo with some nice harmonic bends, as darkness returns briefly before the band bring us home in rock n' roll glory. Seriously, this a fucking great song and the outro riff will have you spinning around like a lunatic. Grip and Horizon are also great tracks.

SixTooLate have also released a 2022 album called Live Sessions, which is where I would recommend everyone starts. It's amazing. Absolutely fucking amazing! It contains some really nicely paced and well constructed rock songs with elements of grunge and blues intertwined. It's rockin' the whole way through and there isn't a bad song on it. I actually thought I was listening to a young, angry Eddie Vedder while listening to the pre chorus in Riot Police.

Live Sessions is as good as any rock album you'll find. The Hole, Villains, End of Easy, and Gone the King are probably my favourite SixTooLate songs so far, but every song on Live Sessions is just brilliant. The Hole, in particular, is a blues rock masterpiece.

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