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Padjo Dolan

Padjo Dolan is a recording artist from County Clare in Ireland, who has just released a new single called, Ivy. It's a great track, well crafted and mixed, with a nice upbeat tempo and a very catchy chorus that will have you punching the air, or at the very least, pointing to the sky (depending on your alcohol intake at the time). It's made for summer festivals and being surrounded by friends. Padjo has a very confident, powerful tone to his voice that will command your attention and lead you on his musical journey.

Having discovered the new, soon to be hit, Ivy, I have listened to the other singles available from Padjo Dolan and I'm really impressed. Padjo has a bright future for sure. I can tell he's been a hard working chap and if he stays dedicated to his art, he most certainly has the sound and skills to make it internationally. He reminds me of an Irish Josh Ritter. I'd highly recommend checking out his emotional song called, The Rings of Saturn. My favourite Padjo Dolan song, is the fantastic, Hazel Eyes, which features some amazing keys, awesome outro riff and soulful backing vocals.

Padjo also has a song called Blunder which has featured in a Discover Ireland advert.

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