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High Fidelity & My Love for The Zen Arcade

If you've been following me, you'll have guessed that I am a big fan of The Strypes, and that means, I am now an even bigger fan of The Zen Arcade. The first fix didn't do it. The strypey dragon never stands still. I want it all and I want it now. Ok, well that's a different band but you get it right? Sure you do. I don't. I've blogged before about The Zen Arcade and since then I've been following them on social media like a good little fan. They're just so normal and down to earth, yet super cool and extremely (fuckin' extremely) talented. I am not sure if it's that obvious how talented they are as they make it all look and sound, very simple, but underneath that, they are awesome musicians and song writers. Not to mention very clued in with all sorts of media skills by the looks of it.

The Zen Arcade have dropped their second single called, High Fidelity. It's available from your usual streaming provider. It's a much more complex song than their first single, Don't Say A Word. To be straight to the point, I absolutely love High Fidelity. It's one of those multi layered songs that you could listen to over and over and hear a new cool bit every time. A really impressive production and Ross delivers another flawless vocal. It has a bit of everything. Shout out to Evan on drums who kicks ass on this one.

Here's a video of some of their messing, including a few seconds that The Boss may sack himself over. Also, check out a lockdown live performance below. Enjoy!

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