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Brand New Dead Things

Brand New Dead Things are a three piece from Dublin, who rock as hard as any of the great bands, whose posters covered my bedroom walls when I was younger. I can hear elements of Soundgarden / Audioslave, Dio, Rush and even a little Kerbdog, in their powerful and groovy sound, that will appeal to old school rock and metal fans, as well as younger fans with taste.

Brand New Dead Things released a very solid 4 track EP in 2017 which is a great place to start, as there isn't a bad song on it. There is a nice flow about it all the way to my favourite song, Broken Society, which is the type of song that gets you out of your seat to start thrashing the place. If this band make it on tour, then this is their set closer for sure. There won't be anything left of the building when this song is over.

The only release since is, The Great Distraction, a single dropped in 2019. It's an absolute headbanger and more polished sounding that anything on their EP. This song is heavy as hell and I could imagine Ronnie James raising devil horns to this one. The production is great on this and I really hope there is a full length album on the way soon. If there is, I'm sure that Brand New Dead Things have a bright future. Check them out.

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