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BARMP - This ain't no rock n' roll lifestyle!

BARMP are a three piece rock band from Wexford. I honestly can't think of another band from Wexford, so I'm giving them the coveted title of, 'Best fuckin' band ever from Wexford'. They have just released an absolute stomper of a self titled, six track EP, along with their debut single, Don't Fall Asleep Again. It's a cracker of a tune, with heavy riffs and a really cool grungy vibe and a throwback breakdown section.

BARMP describe themselves as, "a loosely calibrated Noise Rock / Power Pop Trio." Let me tell you this; they rock hard. Real hard. I would describe them as progressive alt rock, with loads for grunge and punk fans to get excited about too. The band consists of, Richie Mason, Tony McGuire, and Marc 'Harvey' Hillis, all of which are very experienced musicians, and this comes across in their song writing. They're not just writing to rock, they're rocking to create. Their songs are really nicely composed, very well produced, with awesome change ups. I think fans of Queens of the Stone Age, would really enjoy listening to this EP. The rhythm section is tight as hell, is turned up to 11, and the overall wall of bass sound, will bop your bits off.

The EP has a great opening track called Art Party, a really heavy song with a groovy chorus and an absolutely crunching outro, that will make mosh pit fans very happy. Warning: limbs may fly, drinks may spill, fucks may not be given, and you may even wet your pants (or someone else's.)

My personal favourite BARMP song from the EP is, Pure Brick, which seems to blend prog rock, pop rock, punk, metal, alt rock and everything you can think of, into one song. It's controlled mayhem at the highest level with a wonderful song at its core. I love it!

Shout out to Johnny Fox, The Orchard Recording Studio and Hellfire Studio, for an amazing job on this one. Congrats to BARMP on a wonderful EP. Rock on guys!

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Jan 15

BARMP brings a fresh and unique perspective to the music scene, rejecting the clichés of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Their sound is a rebellious departure, breaking free from the stereotypes and delivering something authentic and raw. With a distinctive blend of genres, BARMP is carving its own path, offering listeners a sonic experience that challenges expectations and invites them into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Promote your music on social media, including by buying 10k youtube subscribers.

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