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The So-Called

Get your pens and pencils out and start taking notes because here's a band that will teach you all you need to know about the history of rock music. The So-Called are a 3 course Dublin band who have the 50's for breakfast, the 60's for lunch, skip their dinner and head out on the town to devour the 70's. Their new album, Return Of A Band Called So, has just been released and it's my pick of the week. It oozes the blues, fast paced riffs and plenty of grooves that Mick Jagger would dance to with a late night smile on his face.

The album kicks off with a thunderous rocker called Survival Song. It sucks you into their time machine and then they take you on a journey, I know you'll enjoy. The second song, Estimated Street Value, is high speed blues and you'll tap your foot through the floor before getting up to strut dance along with Tolka Valley Tuesday. Once you get this far, you'll be hooked and by the time you get to the well paced, Wasted Destiny, you'll understand that this is a band with serious talent and great taste in song writing.

You could do worse today, than to check them out.

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Aug 19, 2021

Not An Easy Path !

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