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The Flies

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Rock n' Roll from Roscommon, anyone? Yes please! The Flies are a very promising no nonsense rock band, who know who they want to be - and do it really well. They call themselves a "teenage rock band" but there's a lot of maturity in their song writing and an old soul in there somewhere. A punk too!

They are fronted by cool sounding James Doherty, who has the perfect voice for recording great rock tunes. The rhythm section is driven by a bass player who could fit in well with any band, such is his mastery of the fret board, for one so young. I feel this band could really come of age by getting out and playing lots of gigs, to really tighten their collective sound before recording a full album. If they can do that and nail the studio recordings, I believe they will have the world at their feet. I am really impressed and will be eagerly waiting to see what they can deliver next.

The Flies have two brilliant EPs on their Bandcamp page (link below). I especially like the tracks, Rip Off and the potential smash hit, Fool. Check out their videos on YouTube also.

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