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SYMPOS are a no messing, classic style punk band from Waterford who, "came together in 2020 through a mutual love of free chips, beer and shouting." I think everyone will relate to this raw, honest band that is straight up in your face, punk. There aren't enough good punk bands from Ireland and definitely not ones that do it in the traditional style. There's no hint of pop wanting or a care of what anyone thinks. SYMPOS just want to get their message across and if you don't like it, I'm betting they don't give a rats. You can tell they write what they feel and not what they want you to feel, and you can tell it's effortless. It's just who they are.

SYMPOS have just released their self titled debut album and it features eight songs with a total run time of 15 minutes. The fantastic, On the Scratcher, is the lead single and it's just a deadly tune. The whole album is solid though, and well worth fifteen minutes of your time! I'm hoping they won't wait too long to release more music.

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