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So Long Until The Séance

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Do you like horror, gore, metal, body shaping riffs, punk and awesome guitar solos that bring you to your knees while you strum the ghastly air around you? Do you like the perfect blend of satanic death metal vocals and melodic 80's style metal that rips your jeans open?

Or do you just like a song that has good rhythm and catchy hooks?

So Long Until The Séance (S.L.U.T.S) may be the band you've been looking for and they happen to be from Belfast. This band may jokingly describe themselves as "budget shock rock" but let me assure you, this is one very talented kick ass band with metal in their bones. They've clearly learned their trade the good old fashioned way. Hard work.

The really impressive album, The Mourning After is available since 2020 and they've plenty of cool videos on YouTube. They have a new album dropping soon too, so it's a great time to get on board!

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