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Pastry Boys

I often browse Bandcamp, looking to discover something that will catch my ears and maybe change my life. I never expected to find something that would give me tooth decay and also take my breath away. Then I discovered, Pastry Boys.

They did their best to not be heard, as it appears the only known recording was found by chance, in an old basement rehearsal space on North Frederick St, Dublin. It's now available for all to hear and it is magical.

There are five tracks available and Pastry Boys manage to stick to a sugary agenda without compromising on the song writing strengths, which they clearly possessed. The opening song called, Piece of Pie, could very well be the theme tune to their own TV show.

The standout track for me, without doubt, has to be the closing track called, All The Sweet Things. It really is the icing on the cake for what is a wonderful listen. It's just a fuckin' great tune, brilliantly composed with an infectious melody. You'll be singing this one in the shower and eating cake for breakfast. I do recommend you listen straight through all five tracks as they're short and.... em... really sweet. Pastry Boys have reminded me of the simplicity of song writing. It's not all about studio production degrees. Sometimes it's just about finding a melody and letting your instinct and heart do the rest.

Check out Pastry Boys via the below Bandcamp link and please let me know what you think? Also, if anyone has info on who Pastry Boys are/were, when this was recorded, and what they did next, I'd love to know. Possibly they all went on the be dentists. OK, I'll stop there.

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