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NewDad are an indie band from Galway and they are wonderful. They have just released a six track EP called Waves and it's a soothing, beautiful listen. A treat for your ears and an emotional tonic. I could see them working really well at festivals, in the not so distant future. They're the perfect band to play through your car stereo or earbuds, while you drive or stroll around. Imagine a sunny day and you've nowhere in particular to be and you don't really care. You're just cruising through space and time. NewDad are the soundtrack you need. You'll feel like you're floating and listening to something magical. Something created in the heavens. Something that was created just for you. NewDad will make you feel special.

It's not just all bright and happy, as there's a dark undertone, lurking behind their sound at all times, through the lyrics. You can sense a connection to pain and hurt but through the music, peace and love will always be victorious. I'm really impressed with the overall quality of the production and how the tracks are mixed. The guitar sits just under the bass nicely and works extremely well. The voice of Julie Dawson is hypnotic. When you hear her sing, it may feel like a lullaby for your soul. I am sure that NewDad will feature in many movie soundtracks over the next few years. They are simply outstanding.

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