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Mirrorglass - Back to the Future Rock

Mirrorglass are a four piece rock band based in Cavan. They are fronted by the impressively ambitious and go getting Joshua Bowles on guitar and vocals, Rowan Davis on bass, Oisín Hilton on keyboards and Shane Galligan on drums.

While they are still very young, they have a very old rock energy about them and I was impressed enough by their first single, Hey Honey! - that I felt the need to post about it. Hey Honey starts off with an AC/DC style crunching riff but quickly opens up into a more fluent glam rock style song with a very infectious vocal melody. You'll be humming this chorus from your cornflakes to your late night cocoa and everything naughty you get up to in between.

It really does contain a killer vocal melody throughout and when you combine a love song with a rockin' groove, you've cracked a winning combination. It's a feel good rocker with lyrics that remind everyone that all you need is love... and rock n' roll. If you've got them both then everything will be alright. Although, while in their own words, Mirrorglass are "not bound by the limitations of genre" and promise there is more to come, they have certainly started off in impressive fashion.

Mirrorglass have big plans for the year ahead and will be releasing new music real soon. They recently won a local song contest for the soon to be released, Where Will You Go?, a song that will demonstrate the broad spectrum of their talent and who knows where it will take them. I'm really looking forward to the studio version of this one and I'm going to keep following their progress with a hint of excitement.

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