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Midnight Blind | Control Your Mind and See the Light

Midnight Blind are a Waterford based Indie Rock/ Alt Rock band. The band features Philip Purcell on bass, Andrew Cuddy on drums (formerly of Collides and Deadbeat Circus), who have teamed up with Ian Falconer on guitar and vocals. They have released two singles in 2023 and they are both excellent. They have a very intense, high energy atmospheric sound. Their music is tight and I would bet they sound unbelievable live. You can tell they know exactly who they want to be. They have already found their sound and seem to have mastered it. Both tracks I was lucky to listen to, are really well arranged, mixed and produced. This is a ready made headline act. Experience is dripping from their sound.

Siren and the Light was released in Feb 2023 and few bands have had a debut single that gets your attention like this. The track opens with guitar notes ringing over a tight drum and bass section. The song builds up momentum with a standout bass line and leads into a really catchy chorus with some nice lead guitar touches. The vocals and lyrics, are very cool and really suit the music. This band gel well together. Their latest single, Warning Sign, released in May 23, is just as good. It has a faster tempo and may appeal to a wider audience, as it's more of a foot tapper. The song opens up quickly and has a great rhythm and again, has a really catchy chorus.

Midnight Blind are really impressive and are a band who seem to have hit the ground running, having taken all the experiences they needed from their previous bands. I was reminded of Dublin based band, Scattered Ashes, whilst listening to them, and I think these two bands would compliment each other well on a tour of sorts. (check out my post on that band here.)

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