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Kill 'Em Charlie

Kill 'Em Charlie are an exciting young band from Tipperary, who have a bright future. Their sound is one that will appeal internationally to fans of Indie Rock, Alt Rock or American Pop Punk, and if they keep working hard and writing songs of a similar standard, then the world is theirs to slaughter as they see fit. Every band needs a little bit of luck and from what I've heard of Kill 'Em Charlie, they have enough ability to earn it.

Kill 'Em Charlie have just released a 4 track EP (Live at Rebel Recordings) which was a really great move, and I hope a full studio release will follow soon as the quality of their previous recordings is very impressive. Their songs are arranged really well and the whole production just integrates together naturally. You can sense fun in their sound and I'm sure the live experience is another level. A good introduction to Kill 'Em Charlie would be their 2021 single, Hazey which is a fun, punk pop song which is sure to get you off your bar stool and start kicking air.

In 2020, Kill 'Em Charlie released their finest work so far which is the really excellent EP titled, I Hope this Works for You (Cause it Does for Me), which features some songs to be really proud of. There is not one single bad song on this EP and I would highly recommend that everyone check it out. The opening track, Dark Manoeuvres, features a really catchy riff that has an Irish flair to it, a driving rhythm section and brilliant vocal track. Other songs to note are Proper Quarter Life Crisis (which reminded me of the second album by The Strypes), One Thing to Say, which has a really catchy chorus that builds up momentum before getting the dance vibes going, and the closing track, I'm Not Alone, which is a remarkably well constructed song that merges so many different sounds and styles, that it is possibly the critics choice as their finest creation to date. It's an amazing song!

Check out, Kill Em' Charlie, and support young Irish bands!

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