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Indigo Lights - There is Magic Everywhere

Indigo Lights are a rock band formed in Dublin in 2021 by Ger Gallagher. If you didn't know that this was when they formed and didn't pay close attention to the modern lyrical references such as 'lockdown' and just heard their melodies, you would be forgiven for thinking they were a band formed in the Brit Pop era. They have a sound that matches any of the best bands from the 90's but let's not pigeon hole them as a 90's sounding band, for they also have a classic timeless sound. After all, that comes down to song writing and not just production and Indigo Lights have written some fantastic songs that will stand the test of time. I have no doubt about that.

There is a real feeling of nostalgia when listening to this band and I think they should appeal to all ages as the songs are just damn good, with catchy tap along melodies, that will have the older generations reliving their youth and the younger listeners forming strong connections to their soulful positive energy. Their most recent single, Magic, instantly reminded me of Oasis and even Noel would be proud to have written a song as perfect as this. This is possibly Indigo Lights' best song to date and one that I have listened to on repeat in recent weeks. With every listen I really do feel the magic, I feel magical myself, I feel like Christmas, I feel timeless and I feel like the world is not such a bad place. At time of writing, Indigo Lights have four songs available to stream including, Gotta Get Away, Goodbye Farewell, Living Life in Lockdown and the aforementioned Magic, which are all really cool songs and worthy of any playlist.

The great news is that they will soon be releasing a brand new unreleased 12 track live album split into three EPs. I can't wait for this and encourage everyone to give this band a listen and support them live when the opportunity arises. Find their social links below.

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