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Even Angels | What You Waitin' For!

Even Angels are a new emerging rock band from Dublin, who formed in 2022. They have just three tracks available at present and they are all stompers! If you like guitar bands then you need to check them out, now! All three songs are quality and they all sound slightly different. This is a band I will be following closely.

Even Angels have recently released their third single, Loaded Dragon. It's their best song to date and has elements of thrash metal right from the get go, with a heavy bass line that sets up a raw and aggressive intro. The lyrics are delivered with punch and attitude and the whole sound is one that kicks ass. The song is mixed really well and that's one of the standouts for me. The guitar tone and build up to the awesome outro solo steals the show. It's just a great rock song.

I knew within ten seconds that I would like this band after I heard the intro to their first single, Drunken Youth. This is a really excellent rock tune with great rhythm throughout. The singer, Rob, has Eddie Veddar tones when in his lower register, during this song.

Earlier this year they released another single called, Generation Phony. It's another one that grabs your attention instantly. This one has a more punky feel throughout, but also features some nice change ups and blistering lead guitars, and a Metallica sounding solo. It works! Based on what I've heard, Even Angels are naturals in the studio. Their songs flow well together and I imagine that if they release a full album, it will be a truly great experience, full of diversity. Definitely one for the car stereo or the soundtrack to a wild house party.

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