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Chancer are an instrumental band from Dublin and I have to say, I am blown away after listening through their short catalogue. I would even go as far to say that, I was moved. How fuckin' dare they! It's just so damn good. Being technically brilliant musicians is a great starting point, but their songs are crafted out of the heavens. They are so well composed, then showcased with guitar bombs working alongside violin sounds, in a way that I have never heard before. Essentially, they have a prog rock, virtuoso guitar sound, mixed in with really beautiful transitions, cool effects and some stage diving mosh pit moments. Their sound is tight and I would love to see them live. If you're reading this, you just have to check them out! You often get bands trying to mix in classical strings to rock and it's tacky or forced, or some sort of novelty act that makes you want to blow chunks. Chancer have managed to master a blend of styles that genuinely has impressed me. The other string to their bow (I know, go away) is that their songs are mixed to perfection. They have their sound nailed and blended in a way that just works. It's killer. Chancer, you rule!

Check Chancer out on your usual streamer and support them by the links below also. They have an EP which was released in 2018 and several other singles, with the 2021 released track, called "No." linked below. Can't wait for more.

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