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Brother Vice | Ready to Headline

Brother Vice are a four piece rock band from Armagh, who formed in 2020. The band features James Feely on guitar/vocals, Neil Mone on lead guitar, Shane McEntergart on bass and Aidan Watters on drums. They have just released their debut EP called, Another Day On Earth and it's up there with any debut EP you'll find anywhere in the world. This band are a headline act and are already gathering momentum and some media attention is blossoming, which they truly deserve. I gave them the car stereo test today and I can confirm that they passed with flying colours. I nearly crashed on several occasions. I was finger pointing to the sky and generally being a careless driver, as I got swept up in the infectious hooks and melodies, upbeat tempo sing along songs, well crafted solos and overall feel good vibes that this band deliver on a consistent basis, throughout the entirety of their catalogue. Brother Vice are a band that will appeal to a wide audience and bond music lovers from all backgrounds.

Another Day On Earth has four really strong songs (+ one interlude song which leads nicely into the amazing Hurricane). My favourite track seems to change every time I listen to the next one. That's such a good sign. My current overall favourite though is, Everything You Wish For. It rocks my socks off from the start with a stomping drum beat and delivers a great message (Life's too short to walk around in your sleep) and has a really cool solo which hits all the classic rock notes with a modern sound. Honestly though, you could pick any song on this EP as your favourite in a given moment. The aforementioned Hurricane, along with the closing track, Threads, have choruses that are just waiting for thousands of fans to sing along with. The opening track on the EP is their latest single called Never Change and it's a brilliant introduction to the band that sums up everything I've already mentioned. A great melody, rockin' rhythm, cool guitar lick and chorus that will just make you lose your inhibitions and start jumping around like a loonie. Brother Vice also have a string of singles that they've released previously and I'm blown away by how consistent they are. They're great song writers and already have enough material for a deadly full length album and tour.

Most of you are probably well ahead of me and are already listening to this band. If not, go check them out now!

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