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Blazer | Jessie Dingle - The World at Her Feet

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Blazer (Jessie Dingle) is a 20 year old singer song writer based in Dublin. She has recently formed an art rock band, under the Blazer name, and they appear to have been busy gigging. I'm sure they have been getting noticed. If not, it's only a matter of time, because, Jessie/Blazer is an absolute superstar with all the natural talent in the world. She has the most wonderful, soulful, sincere tone to her voice. She sings her own very personal lyrics, in a haunting, quirky, passionate way, where she is fully connected, as if reliving the moment. Her vocal melodies are powerful and unique. Her song writing really is simply mind blowing, for one so young. It's almost like she has tapped into a higher power and is some sort of medium allowing the music to flow through her, connecting worlds, healing old wounds, creating stunning art to delight ears and awaken something wonderful in us all. Making us feel. Making us connect.

She's even written a Christmas song called, Let's Hope for Love this Christmas, (link here... it's just amazing) that's already better than most of the Christmas songs we get played back every year. She's also written songs in Irish, which is something to be very proud of. The only issue (and also the scary part), is that most of the songs we are lucky to have available, are snippets from her social media accounts, where she's sharing a taste of something she's working on. They're not evenly properly recorded yet. I've posted links to my favourites below. Please follow Blazer and support our amazing Irish talent. I'm really looking forward to hearing all of her songs recorded properly. I'll be getting a vinyl, for sure!

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