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An Slua - We don't owe you Shit!

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

An Slua are a no nonsense four piece punk band from Galway and they don't owe you, me or anyone... shit! The band features both Dave and Shane on guitar and vocals, Eugene on drums and Mic on bass/vocals.

A feature of the band is their big singalong choruses where they all join in, full of emotion and passion. They will certainly get your adrenaline pumping and your fist will be in the air, punching along. I love when bands pour raw emotion into their songs and you can really feel a vibrant fast paced energy when listening to this band. Even though they are bashing out songs in true punk fashion, there are some great chord changes in their songs, which makes them quite melodic and very easy on the ear.

At time of writing, there is one EP available to stream called, How Ya Getting On? It really is an absolute stomper from the get go. The opening track is the title track and is an instant punk classic as they declare, "We don't owe you shit." Track two called, Work Shy, is the best song on the EP with an anthemic chorus that should (and I think will), have crowds screaming along with sweat and spit flying in all directions as they all snarl in unison, "If I'm only just a number, then you're no use to me!" Peas & Carrots is another great punk song while the last song on the EP, On Your Plate, is a great closing tune that starts off with some clean electric guitar chords before breaking into another singalong classic which shows a little more of their song writing talents.

An Slua are another great example of the talented bands that exist under the radar in Ireland. If they were American they'd be idolised over here by punk and rock fans. They fucking rock like motherfuckers from hell so let's give them the support they deserve.

Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!

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