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Aliensincaves - Prepare for Soulful Abduction

Aliensincaves are a four piece band from Waterford featuring talented lyricist Oscar (Ozzie) Ó Chinnéide on vocals, Daniel Geery on guitar, Ryan Coughlan on bass and David Herlihy on drums. They are really talented and have been on my playlist for the last year and I keep coming back to them. I am completely drawn into the moment when listening to them and feel the sincere, passionate heartfelt lyrics resonating with every part of my being. Their music is easy listen to and relaxing, while Ozzie has a voice that could sing any genre. I really feel like the vocals are some sort of narration of life events and emotions and how just generally damn difficult it can be to hold it all together on the inside at times. Their music makes a strong connection and I think they have something special going on.

Aliensincaves have a couple of EPs released and each one is special in its own way. The 2020 Persephone. is a good place to start as it opens with their iconic song, Weekdays, a perfect introduction to the band on happy, upbeat terms. It's followed by the beautiful and touching, January, and within two songs, you get a real flavour for this band and the range they can bring. The 2021 EP CATHARSIIS is the perfect follow up and opens strongly with YOUTWO, a track with some really nice guitar hooks laying the foundation for beautiful, haunting and emotive vocals that I could imagine commanding any stage. Ozzie is a singer who can turn every listener into an emotional sponge. We feel what the band feel. That's really mission accomplished as an artist. CATHARSIIS features four really strong tracks and is a magnificent EP closing with the brilliantly crafted, I Hate You, which is story telling through music at its finest. This song is like a mini movie in my mind.

Aliensincaves have recently released a new single called, Us. It's more of a rock band sound than previous releases but it retains all of the elements that make Aliensincaves special and it's one that would go down well at festivals and have people scampering to check out the cool band.

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